About Us

At Hi Driving School, our instructors will 

  • teach you not just car driving but also traffic sense.
  • teach you the skills to be a good driver, knowing traffic signals, rules, tips, information and all.
  • teach you to drive on all sorts of different roads and scenarios.
  • teach you the correct way to drive on the road so you feel safe & confident.
  • teach you to drive in all sorts of areas 

  • teach you great habits for defensive, safe driving.
  • teach you to be a safe, smart driver on the road and help you prepare for every kind of surprise situation.
  • teach you all the necessary things needed for safe driving in traffic.
  • teach you small details - the ins and outs  of driving and the right tips needed for the driving test.
  • teach nervous students to overcome their fear of driving 
The lessons are direct and fast-paced, helping you learn quickly and not waste time and money. 
That's the reason Hi Driving School is the best in the world!  Bryant C. La Habra, CA 
Through his amazing teaching philosophy, Brian helps students not only pass the DMV test, but to also become skillful drivers for life. 
Solid work for HI driving school.  Marvin J.  La Mirada, CA
I have to say Hi Driving School is the best.  Jennifer B. CA
Best driving school around.  Jesse G. Fullerton, CA 
From my experience, Brian made the best of the time and made me keep practicing. He not only corrected me where I did wrong, but 
also let me know why I should do the other way. Go with hi driving school and you won't regret.  Fullerton, CA
Brian will teach you all the tricks that you need to learn, I swear, if you do the actual driving it's easy as pie!   Jarleyn P. Norwalk CA 
Instructor can be intense at times, but his teaching style is effective and really prepres students to be good drivers, not just passing the test.  
Great driving school! My son did the 12 hours behind the wheel training. Not only did he pass and get his license on the first try, he passed 
with 0 errors. The DMV representative said they rarely get teens that pass with 0 errors! Thanks Brain!!!  Angel P. Lakewood, CA 

More about Us

Flexible scheduling/rescheduling
Free pickups & dropoffs - home, school, work & other
Private lesson - instructor & student only
No hidden fee 
Vehicles - dual pedals, mirrors with commercial  insurance meeting DMV requirement 
School - fully bonded